Private Label Production

Our company does not only manufacture with its own brand. Also evaluates private label production demands coming from domestic and foreign companies. Private label productions can be performed directly with the customer’s formula or new formulas can be developed to meet the costomers’ demands. Pre-Production Processes  The formulas, if  supplied by the customer, are first prepared in our physico-chemical laboratory and tested for stability. As a result of the stability tests the formulas are revised or confirmed for production. New formulas and specifictions are recorded in the ERP/MRP system as reference for future  productions and quality controls.Production Stage As a result of the laboratory work, the production orders are opened in accordance with the production lines for the formulas which are deemed suitable and  passed to the production stage for pilot production. Any problems arising at this stage are eliminated by the Production and R&D. Formulations and production processes are revised and product prescriptions and specifications are updated. If the update requires modification of the product structure, this process is completed with approval of the customer.The secondary production phase includes all the processes such as packing, documentation and shipping  in line with the requirements of the customer. Shipping Stage SPC Kozmetik uses the QR Barcode application, which is created by the ERP program developed in-house and used in all stages from production to shipping. With this application, each single product can be traced from the shelf to raw material any time requested by the customer or by the local authorities.