Who is SPC ?

Our company was founded in 1980 by Ahmet ÇELEBİ under the name of Ahsan Kimya with the aim of trading chemical raw materials. In 1982, we have started to produce powder and paste products together with chemical raw material trade. Emmak Hair Removal Powder, is currently sold in connection with the large majority of the pharmacies in Turkey. 

Following the changes in the partnership in 2005, our company has continued its commercial activities under its new name “SPC Cosmetics” in Seyrantepe, Istanbul. With new products developed between 2005 and 2008, our company has invested in Lamine Tube Filling Line in 2008 and started to produce its products in lamine tubes.

SPC Cosmetics, which continued production at the Seyrantepe location until 2010, has diversified its product range and offered different possibilities to its customers.

SPC Kozmetik moved to the new production facility in Istanbul Beykoz residential area in January 2010, making new investments and constantly renewing itself in the field of production.

At the beginning of 2020, it has moved to its new plant in Lüleburgaz  Kırklareli, in order to provide better service to its customers and to increase in both storage space and production capacity.

Our company, which has a manufacturing area of ​​750 m2 in total, independent of external environment, closed and HEPA filters with positive pressure generated, keeps the product quality under control with its physico-chemical and microbiological R&D and quality control laboratory. The new factory 

Our company, which has a 100.000 Class Cleaner Production Area, which is independent of the external environment of 750 m2, closed and ventilated by creating positive pressure with HEPA filters, keeps its products under its own control with its Physico-Chemical, Microbiology R&D and Quality Control Laboratory. SPC Kozmetik is continuing to serve its customers with total area of 3400 m2, including 2400 m2 closed and 1000 m2 open areas.

Nowadays SPC Cosmetics serves domestic and international customers with its own brand and private label production facilities with annual 25.000.000 tooth paste and 1.000.000 mouthrinse production capacities. Our company can produce toothpaste in volumes between 15 and 250 ml; mouthrinse in volumes between 50 and 500 ml.

SPC Cosmetics continues to serve its customers with its quality and safe product policy under ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and ISO 22716: 2007 Cosmetic GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices in Cosmetics) certifications.