As SPC Kozmetik, our main production activity is Oral Care Products. Our company produces toothpaste for different customers every day with different formulations.  Our company, which can change its own formulas according to the demands of the customers or can produce with the formulas belonging to our customers, is evaluated as an expert.

For our customers who want to supply Toothpaste, the route map is as follows;

Deciding on the product to be supplied;

Before the toothpaste supply stage, customers should have a clear idea of ​​what kind of product they would like to supply. How to position the product to be procured is of great importance at this stage. Our sales point, market demands and product – price policy issues will give us the right information to direct our customers about the product to be produced. Selling cheap products in every market will not be a success, selling success in every market will not be successful.

Having set the following criteria for the product to be produced firstly will play a major role in obtaining clear results in the pricing and manufacturing process;

  • Product Content: The content of the product is the most important part. It is possible to create different variations or use special raw materials. To give a few examples; Such as a standard formula, vegetable content, nanoparticulate, organic certified or a formulation containing special raw materials for more specific purposes
  • Product Volume: Thanks to our machine park, we can produce different volumes between 15 ml and 150 ml.  It should not be forgotten that volume and weight measures are not the same. For example, a 100 ml toothpaste can be 100 gr or 160 gr. Therefore, determining the size of the product as volume is the best choice
  • Product Amount: The amount of product to be produced is a factor that directly affects the cost. There will be considerable differences in cost (specially in costs of packing materials) between production of 10,000 units and production of 100,000 units.
Diş Macunu

To supply products (Toothpaste, Mouth Rinse etc..) with brands belonging to SPC Cosmetics;

In order to purchase products through the brand names belonging to our company, you need to contact us and order them after you decide on the specifications of the product to be supplied. Production planning for your order will begin with the necessary procedures for post-production, with the nearest term being announced for the packing materials, particularly for laminated tubes.

Private Label production;

As SPC Cosmetics we are able to produce with the brands of our customers. For local customers, there are some procedures in which the trademark owner is obliged to finish before the production starts.  According to the  current Cosmetics Regulation:

  • The registration of the client company to the Turkish Medicines And Medical Devices Agency (Ministry of Health),
  • The necessity of having technical responsible person in the customer company (or subcontractor)
  • Registration of the product(s) to the UTS system

Once all these procedures have been completed, the production can be planned based on raw material and packaging material supply terms.

For more information, please visit Private Label Production Page