Product Development

Product Development processes aim to present a new product which is more suitable to the needs of the customers compared to the existing product. In product development process, new product ideas can come from various sources such as customer complaints or proposals,  needs of market research, suppliers ‘or producers’ opinions and new recommendations proposed by our  R & D staff.

Continuous improvement, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s competitive market environment, where change is dominated, forces our company to produce better products constantly so that customers can find better than they are looking for. With the role of each department in the company being important to the product development, it is important to develop new products from new ideas.

ürün Geliştirme
With the stability tests applied during the product development studies, new formulations are examined for thier physical, chemical, microbiological  and rheological activities under stressed conditions for up to 6  months. As a result of these tests, it is decided to produce or revise the product and necessary processes are started.

In the process that started with countless new ideas on developing new products, by eliminating these ideas in line with the targets and resources available, the focus point is gradually narrowed and a new product is  presented to the market.