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What is ISO 9001 Quality Management System?
The ISO 9001 Quality Management System is a formally recognized quality management system that envisages increasing customer satisfaction by meeting customer expectations, needs and regulatory requirements. It defines the requirements of the Quality Management System from organizational structure to customer satisfaction level, from analysis of collected data to effective management of processes, from internal audits to product design, from purchasing to selling. ISO 9001 Standard is mainly a control mechanism. The aim of this standard is to reduce errors and defects, to remove them from the ground, and to prevent errors and imperfections that may be more important. The standard is not directly related to product and service quality but to the quality of the management system. The basic assumption here is that an effective Quality Management System should be established and, if implemented, quality products and services to meet customer needs.
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What is ISO 22716 GMP?
GMP stands for “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP). Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guide the conditions under which these products should be produced. GMP applications in the production of cosmetic products have become a condition with new cosmetic regulations. ISO 22716 is an international standard that can contain and document GMP applications, especially for cosmetic products.
GMP includes preventive measures for internal and external conditions related to the establishment, in order to prevent or reduce the possibility of contamination of the product from internal and external sources. This application is one of the basic approaches in the production and distribution of cosmetic products and it is a series of techniques that must be applied continuously in raw material, processing, product development, production, packaging, storage, distribution stages to ensure quality in products.
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