• SPC Kozmetik
    Who is SPC ?
    SPC Kozmetik is manufacturer company which has 100% domestic capital which has been active in Cosmetic sector since 1980.
  • Private Label
    As SPC Kozmetik, we make special production to our customers with registered trademarks of their brand name.
  • Ürün Geliştirme
    Product Development
    In order to develop products that meet the needs of the target market or to respond to the tough demands of our customers, we are constantly improving and innovating in our Physico-Chemical Laboratory.
  • İnsani Yardım Kitleri
    Humanitarian Aid Kits
    We are supplying products to many Humanitarian Aid Organizations such as United Nations, UNICEF, UNEFPA and our products for use in Humanitarian Assistance Kits.
  • Buklet Ürünler
    Do you need products for hotel purposes ?
    You can try our Corexyl Series Toothpaste 20 gr and Shaving Geli 15 gr products produced for the use of the home.

Top 4 Reason to Work With Us !

SPC Cosmetics aims to grow continuously and balanced with the experience that it has gained since 1980 and succeeded in this goal. SPC As cosmetics, it is our main strategy to make production using the right technologies in the cosmetics sector and to keep reliability at the top level. Our company always keeps the necessary work to be a good quality and reliable brand, keeps customer satisfaction superior than anything else.

  1. Customer Focused Service

    SPC Kozmetik, providing customer-focused service is one of our main goals. We continually push the boundaries to revise, improve and produce our products and processes in the direction of each customer’s applicable demands and desires.

  2. Product Focused Production

    Even SPC Kozmetik shown in the cosmetics sector, the products are the main products of Oral Health. Toothpaste and Mouthwashing Our company, which specializes in the production of water, serves customers for the development and production of all kinds of formulations.

  3. Quality and Reliable Service

    SPC Kozmetik develops itself to give quality and reliable service to its customers. Our company, which has ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices Certificates, serves its customers in line with the priorities of these systems. Our company, which has separate controls for each process from production to shipment stage, offers QR Barcode application in its own developed and applied ERP system and provides Party Code – Point of Shipment control service.

  4. Private Production

    SPC Kozmetik is available in R & D service for product requests that can not be met by our customers with standard production. We respond to our customers’ demands by carrying out the necessary R & D activities for special products that are non-standard with different packaging types, if required. As R & D activities, we perform formulation, manufacturability and stability studies.